Ubuntu XMMS volume issues in Dapper on PPC

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Heu folks,

I just installed the latest build of the XMMS player. I can't control the volume within the player itself and turning the system volume down only affects it a little.Even muting my system does not turn the volume off in the player.The eq,skins,vis efx all work fine,just the volume is non op.
Are there any settings that I need to setup in Dapper or the XMMS prefs that I need enabled/disabled? I am running a dual boot (Dapper/OS X) on a Power Mac G4 with a QSC power amp and a pair of JBL Control 28's,if that helps.
I searched the XMMS forums and I I'm not the only one with this issue.Unfortunately there have been no replies to those posts![-(
Any help for this new-B is appreciated.



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