Ubuntu wierd colors and hangs

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This just started happening recently (well probably within last month, as election time has made time fly for me (campaigning))
I update ubuntu very regularly. This probably came from a patch within the last month?

I get to the login screen fine. once on the desktop i have a good 10 seconds before problems start up. It seems to get worse if i try moving windows around. Its kinda like back on the original NES when your game cartridge was dirty, you would get blocks of weird colors and it would hang.

The computer always freezes about 15 seconds into being at the desktop.

I'm a very experienced as a windows user, just venturing into the linux world for my job (network administrator). So far I really like it, but this is driving me nuts, especially since its like relearning the computer all over again, and I don't know the answer right away.

here is a screenshot taken with my phone.

ever seen this?

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