Ubuntu Touchpad is freakin out, man

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Sup people. I looked through the threads to see if I could find anything on my specific problem but found bubkis. Here's the deal. No probs with install, config, etc. I boot into Ubuntu and BANG! my mouse is freakin out and zig-zaggin all over the place like a crackhead being chased by the cops. Wasn't an issue before, just appeared suddenly :(

I did come across a possible fix by modifying the xorg.conf file, but I don't even know how to launch a shell, direct myself to the file or shut the f%@#er down without using the touchpad. Btw, the touchpad is a Synaptics and even when I plug in an optical mouse via USB or PS/2 the cursor is still in perpetual motion.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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