Ubuntu sync to vblank question / nvidia

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I'm trying to get the best performance/quality on my my 10.04 box and i have a few questions regarding 'sync to vblank'. Maybe someone can help.

My first question : I see 'sync to vblank' in 3 different locations.
- In compiz display settings
- In NVidia XVideo settings
- In NVidia OpenGLX settings
What is the difference between the 3 ?

Second question : I used to have problems watching movies where the picture seemed to be cut in half ( i'm not a native english speaker so i don't know the technical term). After reading some forums, i enabled sync to vblank everywhere i saw it. That solved the movie problem. But maybe that was overkill ??

So i did some benchmarking and noticed the following :
When i disable 'sync to vblank' in compiz my compiz benchmark drops from 60 to 30. But then my movies look worse.
When i disable 'sync to vblank' in NVidia OpenGlx my GlxGears framerate jumps from 300 to 36000.
I didn't notice anything when changing vsync in the NVidia XVideo setting.

Nothing critical here but i would appreciate if someone could clarify the situation a little bit for me. System specs below.

Ubuntu 10.04 64b
Nvidia GT 230 1536MB
NVIDIA Driver Version : 195.36.24


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