Ubuntu Poor recording quality with background noise

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I'm attempting to use teamspeak ( or any recording software) with my microphone. It does work, though not well at all.

When I push the activate local test in teamspeak, even if the mic is not plugged in I can hear a buzzing/humming noise from the speakers. When i do have the mic plugged in, I can hear my voice though it is poor quality.
When I tried to mute or lower the mic volume in the mixer, I got no change in volume. it seemed like it was hardcoded.

I tried updating Alsa, to 1.0.16
sound playback is VERY nice for anything NOT from the microphone.

the system is a HP dv9035nr
running Gutsy 7.10

I'm sure I'm missing some information that you might need. I'm a bit new to ubuntu, so letting me know what commands to enter to get that info would be great.

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