Ubuntu Please Post your First Impression of the NEW Dapper Release!

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This is my first impressions of the NEW Dapper Release:

1. Basically the Ubuntu v6.06 CD is a "Live" CD & a "Full" CD.
In Ubuntu v5.10 you had 2 separate CD's: "Full" CD & "Live" CD.
When you boot from CD, you end up in a "Live" CD situation - only there is an install shortcut on the Desktop that helps you install the "Full" Ubuntu from the "Live" CD to your Hard Drive.:)
The only negative to this, is that it takes a little longer if you want to install a "Full" Ubuntu to your Hard Drive (since you have to wait first for the "Live" CD to load).

2. When you decide to "Manually Edit the Partition Table", there are some problems when you create the Partitions yourself (I tried to create on an 120GB drive: a 30GB EXT3 Partition & a 2GB swap - the later in the end of the Hard Drive - only to find that I can NOT go ahead & create those Partitions...
For some reason the Ubuntu seems to recognize both the Partitions as "Swap" & takes/pushes me back...
(I then have to select a diff option that to "Manually Edit the Partition Table", to make things work - but Partitions do NOT end-up the way I wanted to...)
Note: Such a problem did NOT occur on my Ubuntu v5.10... (Partitions were created perfectly!!!):(

3. Even though Dapper looks good, there are NOT so many packages out there to install... Example: I tried to install "Frostwire". I found that a new Package (dependency) was out: the "sysutils v2.0.1" package (instead of the old v1.3.8). When I installed the latest "sysutils" version, Frostwire did NOT work (the shortcut in the Menu would NOT launch the program!!!):(

4. It is nice that Ubuntu v6.06 can be installed in many different Languages (I had NOT seen the "Menus" print in my native language - Greek - before!!!). So, this will help Ubuntu to grow in full scale in my Country (same should apply in other Countries too!).:)

5. When I decide to have 2 "keyboard languages" installed, under the "Layout" Tab, one should be considered/checked as default (this is NOT the case unfortunately).
(However, things NOW are much better compared to Ubuntu v5.10, because in the past I had to install keyboard languages manually) :)
Note: In the future, I would like to be able to install 3 or more keyboard languages during installation (e.g. Greek, English, French, etc). NOT just 2!

6. It is nice that "Connect to a remote server" works right out from the box. This way, you can connect to other Ubuntu PC's without the need to install Packages to make things (e.g. SSH) to work.
However, I was expecting to see a "Network Places" icon either in the Desktop or somewhere else (in the Menu)... Unfortunately, to my opinion, this is VERY BAD for Ubuntu v6.06! In Windows, you have a Network Icon lying in the Desktop, where all Computers on a Local Network are auto-identified... Then you can set the permissions (with Password & stuff), so that Permanent connections are applied!
In my opinion, Ubuntu Fails to have an easy&practical Local Network to work!
At the same time, I am surprised how Ubuntu is considering to market its product for "Enterprise" Work/businesses, when at the same time, NO practical or easy Network Administration/Management can really be implemented in this Product! ( I had seen a couple of days, comments to what Ubuntu v6.06 should have - e.g. Network - but I had NOT posted any comments since I had NOT really seen this NEW Ubuntu by that time. In my opinion, Ubuntu still lacks a LOT/HUGE in Network Setup/Management. Sorry to say, but the way Ubuntu's Network works, I would NEVER install it in an "Enterprise Size" organization...
(In Windows, under "Network Places", you can quickly SEE/VIEW ALL your Local Networked PC's being Connected! (and if I want to connect, I just select the PC - or IP - , and then just type username & password). Where can I see that in Ubuntu?
I want to be able to see the Whole Network Picture (Infrastructure) in seconds...
Ubuntu is NOT able to show me my "Whole Network Snapshot"! :(

1. Pros:
a. Overall, many things have improved & many problems (e.g. more packages in the Repos) will be fixed in time...
b. More "Native Languages" are supported!
c. "Keyboard Languages" are set during installation.
d. Things are getting better & Ubuntu is improving!!!

2. Cons:
a. I can NOT understand why I can NOT "Manually Edit the Partion Table" - although in the past (in Ubuntu v5.10), I could!
b. Network Management NEEDS HUGE improvement, if you want to work on the Enterprise Markets!!! (I can NOT understand why the Ubuntu Programming Team can NOT SEE this... man!!!) [-(

Please post "your" First Impressions on Ubuntu v6.06.


P.S.> Please do NOT print stuff like: it can NOT see my WiFi, so I hate it...
Try to judge it "OVERALL" & give 4-5 things that you like & a couple more you dislike...

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