Ubuntu Need help tweaking a Script

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Ok, so I have this script that works ok for converting vid's to a nice format & size for my Droid. But it will only do 1 file at a time, and isn't very flexible.

What I would really like is someone who is good at scripting to take a look at it, and rework it so that I can do this:

DroidEncTest.sh /inputDir/* *.mp4

That way I can drop all my vids into 1 directory, and convert them as a batch. Or even set this up as a cron command so that it will check my default dir nightly & convert.

The output dir will be 'hard coded' into the script. actually, it is. If you want, you can hard code the input dir too. I'm ok with that.

Anyway, ANY help is appreciated. Right now I'm having to manually run this script for each file, and that's kinda a pain.

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