Ubuntu MySQL, Java and 64-bit Architecture

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Ok so here's the deal.... I'm currently an IT student, right now I'm on a DB course and I need to use set up MySQL, Java, JDBC...etc. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems MySQL development in Linux is way ahead of Windows devel, so I've decided to do most of my work on my Ubuntu OS. I just got a new PC and it's an Core 2 Duo. I just wanted to take a leap forward and install the 64-bit edition of Ubuntu, but I don't know what kinda trouble that can bring. I'm willing to move to the 64-bit universe, no matter how hard it its. I'm not a newb but I'm not THAT experienced either.

Ok...so if I went ahead and moved to 64-bit, then I should install the 64-bit packages of MySQL and all that stuff...do any of you know if this packages are available? How bout Java?
I need to be able to run my "Java-JDBC-MySql" programs in 32-bit architecture computers. Will they run?

In other words...is it wise to move to 64-bit architecture software if you are a developer?

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