Ubuntu Installing from a windows disk

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While I am online let me ask this as well.

Being unable to get on internet with Linux/Ubuntu, I am trying to update and install new applications via windows.

Here is what I do. I download with XP and add the files on a windows (NTFS) disk. I restart my PC into Linux. Mys disks are already mounted. So I look for the file on the NTFS drives. Then what?

Get-apt does'nt seem to be suitable, unless I am completely wrong about it. My files is in .tgz or something, and hopefully it will solve some of my harware problems, like the onboard sound from Intel, or so the website says. I choose the Red Hat driver, would that be OK?

To get online I need to do the following. Sorry if it sounds "windowy," but this is it.
Get USB going. (My USB scanner is OK, so I guess that's solved.)
Get Bluetooth Widcomm going.
Add Bluetooth modem
Add drivers for my cell phone. (I use it to access Internet.)
Set up dail-up
Hopefully then I should be able to do get-apt.

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