Ubuntu Inspiron 6400 56Kb modem

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This has me beat. Years ago I installed modems easily in Linux (even on my old 486 boxes running mandrake 6.5), but here we are, 2007 with a built in modem and supplied drivers by Dell, and yet the modem is AWOL.

BTW, this isn't important - I just wished to ensure it works OK in case I ever need to dial-up when stuck in Timbuktoo or somewhere.

After a lot of investigation, it appears the hsfdrivers are installed OK:

hsfserial 24580 7 hsfusbcd2,hsfmc97sis,hsfmc97ati,hsfmc97ali,hsfmc97 via,hsfmc97ich,hsfpcibasic2
hsfengine 1266700 8 hsfusbcd2,hsfmc97sis,hsfmc97ati,hsfmc97ali,hsfmc97 via,hsfmc97ich,hsfpcibasic2,hsfserial
hsfosspec 105448 9 hsfusbcd2,hsfmc97sis,hsfmc97ati,hsfmc97ali,hsfmc97 via,hsfmc97ich,hsfpcibasic2,hsfserial,hsfengine

Checking up with scanModem, I get this:

Analysing card in PCI bus 00:1b.0, writing to scanout.00:1b.0
The High Defintion Audio card with PCI ID 8086:27d8 may host a soft modem chip.
The modem driver snd-hda-intel is loaded but inactive.
2nd run of scanModem
Checking for match with Archived softmodem information.

OK, so it is all there. BUT the snd_hda_intel module seems to have taken over (why is it inactive?).

I added this to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist (not caring if this breaks sound for a bit), but it just gets ignored... and loads everytime.

I also added snd_hda_codec, but still the intel modules load and take over the modem.

Why does blacklist just get ignored? I can't see what else relies on these modules?

Why do they 'take' over the hsf modules?

Any ideas welcome, please.

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