Ubuntu how to put a file onto usb flash drive?

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Im trying to make a flash stick to use to update a bios for my eee pc.I have down loaded the bios file from asus support site onto my ubuntu desktop and now need to make a usb flash drive to boot into my eee netbook.Ive successfully created usb iso drives with system/applications menu but this method doesnt seem to wok with bios file.Can somebody give me a step by step procedure.I have an'Ubuntu For Non Geeks' book but the chapter on using files starts by saying 'at this point everybody knows how to drop and drag files' and glosses over the actual steps.This is my first computer and while i know how to click the mouse and 'drag' stuff around on the monitor,i dont know when/what/or where things get draged to to get things done so please be very detailed.Sorry if im asking too much

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