Ubuntu Drawing around the mouse.

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I am wondering how to write a program that will draw a circle around the mouse when a key combination is pressed. So, shift+enter will draw a small box around the mouse, and depressing the keys will make it go away.

I'd like to make my own kind of panel, that pops up at the mouse. I want to do this to see if I can drop having panels on the edge's of the screen.

I'd like to start by just creating that circle around the mouse, with in gnome, while doing day to day stuff.

I'm hoping to be able to do this in C/C++ because I'm familiar with them.

If I can do it in c, what do i need to know to start developing that kind of program?
* wiki's
* Librarys

I looked at gtk2.0 but it doesn't seem to offer me what I need. In an irc server, someone told me to look at x.org. But couldn't find anything.

I hope someone out there in ubuntu land can point me in the right direction!!

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