Ubuntu Can't Install 10.10, 9.04 won't "apt-get" and more PS3 problems

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I am having problems working with Ubuntu Linux using the Sony Playstation 3. After much trial and error I am able to get Xubuntu and Ubuntu 9.04 (alternate install discs) to install on my PS3 using the Petitboot v0.2 bootloader.

Once I am in them I am given no "super user" priviledges. I have to use a small Live CD to edit the sudoers file to get any type of higher level functionality.

What also really sucks is when I try to "apt-get" anything all of the file list mirrors are down so I get nothing!

So why not install 10.10? I tried! I used Kboot (external and internal to 10.10), Petitboot and the pdaXrom loaders. Everytime I try to install 10.10 (and lower down to 9.10) Linux unloads some stuff then just sits there and does NOTHING.

So right now I'm stuck with an outdated system that you cannot add programs to!

Please Help!

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