Tree control: Selecting an item by right clicking on it

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This is what I have:
I have a window split into 2 panes. One displays a tree of modules (classes), implemented using a CTreeCtrl. The other pane displays a list of variables belonging to the selected module in the tree.

This is what I want to do:
When a user right clicks with the mouse on a tree item,
- If the item is not selected, everything that occurs when it is left clicked should occur, except that the background (or text color) of the item should be colored differently.
- If the item is already selected, is background should be set back to the background of a normally selected item.

My main problems:
- How do I select an item by right clicking it?
- How do I catch the selection of an item that is already selected?

I hope I’m clear enough.
Any help would be appreciated,

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