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I was given a page to be redone, specifically changing from CGI - which was on a old host DB - to a PHP version.

For the connection info to the new host (I cant use the stuff from the old scripts as it deals with the old host), I was originally given:

command line access: telnet.*HOST*.com
database name: *NAMEHERE

username and password is the same as given to me earlier

Plugging that info into the standard mysql_connect I got:

MySQL Connection Failed: Can't connect to MySQL server

SO I wrote the admin and received this reply:

The SQL server is running on sql.*HOST*.com. you can run the mysql program from telnet.*HOST*.com and have it connect to that sql.*HOST*.com server. You
cannot directly connect to sql.*HOST* .com from a windows machine. The other
thing that you can look at is the man page for mysql once you are connected to telnet.*HOST*.com.

so I subsituted sql.*HOST*.com into my connection string to give:

$connection = mysql_connect("sql.*HOST*.com" , "*USERNAME*" , "*PASSWORD*") or die ("Couldn't connect to server.");

This yields the following error:

Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user: *USERNAME*@* (Using password: YES) Cannot connect to database

So right now I'm stuck as to what is wrong. Am I missing something (I've done DBs before and have always connected the same way) or is the host just not set up right? Or both?

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