TCP/IP stack whacked by malware; no DNS resolution

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A friend of mine's kid got a bad load of malware and viruses into his network. I cleared everything out as far as I can tell and repaired one machine, but I think one of the nasties stomped on the TCP/IP stack of the other box pretty hard. I think I've covered all the bases and am now looking at a reinstall of the OS, but I thought I'd see if anyone else has run across this before I do that.

LAN setup:
- Comcast cable modem (motorola); Linksys BEFSR41 router; Linksys WAP11 into one of the Ethernet ports on the router. Router acts as DHCP server to LAN.

- Old Compaq Presario desktop machine running 98SE; wired connection to router. Among other nasty deeds, the malware did the LSP Fandango on the box, but I was able to repair it. This box is fine now.

- New Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop running XP Home (the problem machine).
Laptop has:
- Broadcom 440x Ethernet
- Dell TrueMobile 1300 Wi-Fi

Known conditions:

- LAN/Internet infrastructure is working. Win 98 box and my laptop (connected by either Ethernet or wireless) function perfectly.

- Both machines can ping each other by IP, as well as the router.

- Both machines can ping Internet locations by IP.

- Laptop cannot ping by URL- ping requests time out.

- Laptop can ping the loopback device using either "" or "localhost"

- Laptop cannot browse by URL (using IE or Firefox).

- Outlook Express on laptop cannot resolve the Comcast mail servers' names. The servers are up and running.

- DNS server IP are correct.

- Laptop can ping and browse (using IE or Firefox) when booted into safe mode with networking support!

- Laptop exhibits the same problem using wired or wireless connection to LAN; both physical devices are working and configured correctly as far as I can see.

- The laptop exhibits the same behaviour on my network, using my DNS server IPs. Also- static vs. dynamic addressing is not the issue; been there, done that.

History/steps already taken:

- Ad Aware, SpyBot, HJT, etc. show the laptop to be clean now. (Was able to d/l latest updates for the programs while booted into safe mode).

- Firewalling is not the issue.

- I killed any unnecessary processes that I could identify (using Norton's Process Viewer)- no change in problem.

- Using "netsh int ip bla,bla" did not fix the problem.

- As per a Microsoft article related to the problem, I tried deleting the HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services Winsock and Winsock2 entries and then reinstalling the TCP/IP protocol- still no change.

- Tried the WinSockXPfix.exe utility- it found nothing to fix.

- Rolled the system back to a restore point well before the date my friend said this started happening. Zip, zilch, nada- no change.

Have I missed something here, or is the system just yea and verily b0rked?

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