some **** hacking a clients site

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someone keeps hacking the website of a client of mine which i made a while ago.

the hacking is completely changing the index.php page and adding malicious scripts to it.

below is the index page:
//include "include/";
//website header
require_once "includes/header.php";

//website content
require_once "includes/content.php";

//website footer
require_once "includes/footer.php";

the left navigation php
if ($_GET['id'] == 2)
the html

//home page
if ($_GET['id'] === 1)
require_once "includes/home.php";
//facilities pages
else if ($_GET['id'] === 2)
include "includes/facilities.php";
//kev and linda
else if ($_GET['id'] === 3)
require_once "includes/kevandlinda.php";
else if ($_GET['id'] === 4)
require_once "includes/location.php";
//site map
else if ($_GET['id'] === 5)
require_once "includes/sitemap.php";
else if ($_GET['id'] === 6)
require_once "includes/contact.php";
else if ($_GET['id'] === "voucher")
header("Location: voucher.php");
// home
require_once "includes/home.php";

please don't slate me using else ifs i built this a LONG time ago and i know its quite badly wrote. but i cant see where there getting the code into it.

do i need to check all the get variables before they are used? addslashes or something or is there an external source there using?

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