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I have a show/hide script here that when I click a link it shows a login form. I made a picture to better explain what I want.

What I want is the login form to be on the right side of the word login instead of under it. Here is my code:

echo"<a href=\"register.php\">Register</a> || <a href=\"javascript:void(0);\" onClick=\"showHide('loginform')\";>Login</a>

<div class=\"hidden\" id=\"loginform\">

<form action=\"account.php?function=login&url=$url\" method=\"post\">

<input class=\"textfield\" type=\"text\" name=\"username\" maxlength=\"25\" size=\"15\">

<input class=\"password\" type=\"password\" name=\"password\" maxlength=\"25\" size=\"15\" value=\"Password\">

<input class=\"submit\" type=\"submit\" value=\"Login\">


// I spaced it out so everyone can see fine, in actuality the code is bunched up

Someone please help :( :(

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