PCLinuxOS boot up problem

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everyone, i am a Linux newbie and in real need of some help. Because i had no experience what-so-ever using a Linux distro of any kind i decided to try a Live CD "PCLinuxOS P93a Big Daddy" and "Freespire 1.0.14". I did alter the boot sequence to boot from CD. So i re-booted the PC and i choose the option to run as a live cd and not to install to the hard drive. The PCLinuxOS image appeared on the screen along with a progress bar. The screen stayed like this for 15 minutes and then went Black! Would really appreciate any help.

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    everyone, i am a Linux newbie and in real need of some help. Because i had no experience what-so-ever using a Linux distro of any kind i decided to try a Live CD "PCLinuxOS P93a Big Daddy" and "Freespire 1.0.14". I did alter the boot sequence to boot

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