Oracle Interaction between Two Forms

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Iam a beginner of this Apex. i am encountering one problem with the interaction between the forms.

i have one report with table where i included radio buttton for each row like this
"select APEX_ITEM.RADIOGROUP (1,r.ID,'7') as P10_RG,
r.customer_name, as Product, as Source, as Country,
from requirements_maintenance r,product p,country c,source

so if i select one radio button on a particular row and click a tab on the header, i should go to another form where i should be able to get the details of the row which i have selected in the previous form.

i've tried in many ways to get the values using javascript but it is capturing null values like
$x('P10_RG_0').value but i am not getting it.
can anyone please tell me wat is the solution for this??

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