Oracle Execute list of jobs in parallel

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I am using DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER.PUT_FILE as part of my transportable tablesspace shell script from
my staging dwh instance to my report dwh instance.

The problem is that i am coping the datafiles one after one.
There are about 20 datafiles , and each one is 10 giga size.
I would like to copy the files in parallel and not one after one.

I thought to create dynamically 20 jobs/scheduler (based on the number of the datafiles) and to execute all of them togther,
this way i could actualy run it in parallel.
Bellow is part of my TTS shell script.
The for loop is generating the list of datafiles that i need to copy.
the DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER.PUT_FILE copy them one after one.

Could one suggest how can i changed the plsql block bellow in order to create
and submit in parallel a job for each datafile ?

Thank You.

sqlplus -s "sys/${SourceSysPass}@${SOURCE_ORACLE_SID} as sysdba" << EOF whenever sqlerror exit 1 declare v_link varchar2(30); begin select db_link into v_link from dba_db_links where db_link like '%TTS%'; for x in ( select fname, ltrim(rtrim(substr(fname,1,instr(fname,'.')-1)))||'_'||rownum nf_name from (select substr(file_name,instr(file_name,'/',-1)+1) fname from dba_data_files where tablespace_name in ('${TableSpacesList}') order by file_id) ) loop DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER.PUT_FILE('source_tts', x.fname, 'target_tts', x.nf_name, v_link); end loop; exception when others then raise; end; / EOF

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