Oracle Checking for XML wellformedness

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I think I am overlooking something. Anyway...

Loaded thousands of XML documents into the repository by creating them as resources. I want to test the resources on XML wellformedness and XML Schema validation.
The last one is not very difficult and works okay with the functions at hand as for instance described in the FAQ, but...

How do I check for XML wellformedness...?
What would be the fastest way to check?

I could write a small PL/SQL wrapper "ISXMLWELLFORMED" around XMLType () (, but I could maybe run into buffer problems.

The simple tests are:

1) Loading thousands of XML "production" documents via a SAX loader (ranging from 1.5 Mb down to 25 Kb). 2) Storing them initially in a XMLType CLOB 3) Generating / creating resources from the documents into the repositoy (also checking XDB$RESOURCE behaviour) 4) Now I have my test start position. 5) Checking content: a) Checking (timed) XML resources on wellformedness b) Checking (timed) XML resources against nested XML Schemas (three layers via "include" namespace references)


*) SGA and other database parameters are set by hand (no automatic parameters are enabled). *) Only SQL, PL/SQL and XMLDB functionality is installed. *) For the moment ASSM locally managed tablespaces are used. *) Recycle bin feature is disabled, etc. *) I have two database systems setup to check validation performance (Oracle SE on Oracle EL 5 and SE on Oracle EL 5).

Also, now that I am at it.

Any idea on the best way to check on Lazy or Strict DOM validation (controlled via xdb:maintainDOM / XMLType()? ) ?

A general outline is good enough.../ a hint would be appriaciated...


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