Moving to Python From PHP: Using a variable in a function

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This is my first python script, so I could use a little bit of help here.

I'm using the 'Universal Feed Parser' (, and I have a list of feed URLs in a database which I would like to pull out and go through each of them. I am also using the ADOdb database module, as I am familier with it (in PHP .. however, it is pretty similar ..)

Here's what I have so far, the only thing this does is pulls the URLs out of the database, and prints them:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import MySQLdb
import adodb
import feedparser

conn = adodb.NewADOConnection('mysql')
cursor = conn.Execute('SELECT feed_url FROM feed_urls')

while not cursor.EOF:
for row in cursor.fields:
print row


As I said, this above code works perfectly. However, I want to take that output, and put it in something like this:

while not cursor.EOF:
for row in cursor.fields:
d = feedparser.parse(FEED_URL_HERE) <-- This is where I need the output of the db results to appear

So, basically .. the above code is calling a function from the 'Universal Feed Parser' module, which takes in a url .. basically, when it executes, I want python to read it like this:

d = feedparser.parse('')

I know it has got to be something simple. I'd definitely appreciate some help on this.

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