lol , I always come back to Ubuntu.

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PCLOS , SUSE , Mandrake , Sabayon , Redhat........

always gravitate back to Ubuntu.

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  • lol , I always come back to Ubuntu. 2012-10-02

    PCLOS , SUSE , Mandrake , Sabayon , Redhat........ always gravitate back to Ubuntu.

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    I still have not been able to get my sound cards working. I have not used Ubuntu for several versions because of this problem. See aplay -l below [email protected]:~$ aplay -l **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device

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    I really have been an Ubuntu diehard since Dapper... but I love KDE 4.x Ubuntu Intrepid + KDE 4 + firefox = Still very slow with desktop effects. It is just "sticky" and "laggy." Arch + KDE 4 + firefox = fine, regular speed, no hanging on opening tab

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    I'm relatively new to the world of computers, so bear with me if I don't understand your terminology. Please advise.

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    I have tried various distros, such as FC5, SlackWare, SuSE, and MEPIS, after all of which I always come back to Ubuntu. Although I have some problems with it (lirc *cough* *cough*), it seems to have the best user support base and a huge repository of

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    its odd, 1 and a half years ago when my xp install ate itself, i was exposed to linux by a very experianced user. he gave me dsl, which is hardly friendly, i played with it for a bit, got it installed and loved the speed, but in the end i got my xp b

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    I delved into Ubuntu a while back but couldn't figure some things out. After some unsuccessful attempts at Gentoo's new livecd gui installer, I decided to come back to Ubuntu's simplicity. So I have a fresh new install alongside XP, with all the upda

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    hi i'v been working an a computer with a nv graphics card, ubuntu kept booting in low graphics mode, i reinstalled nv new driver and rebooted and the low graphics warning came up again, i went into configure and and looked at the driver or ini file f

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    all, I'm considering comming back to linux again, but, there was only a few issus that drove me away from it in the first place, if such issues can be resolved, I'll gladly come back. here are the issues.. I was using Ubuntu Breezy on the following l

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    Sometimes, it doesn't come back from suspension. It stops working. I only get a black screen. I am using Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy Heron, in a Compaq Presario c770br (c700 series). Could anyone tell me how to investigate what may be inducing it? Or, have an

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    after installing ubuntu on my hp hdx laptop I seem to have a few problems. One of them is that my system does not come back after a suspend. That is to say, I get a black screen, with only the mouse cursor showing and if I press ctrl-alt-f1, the scre

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    there, this is my first week working with ubuntu and hopefully I am not abusing the forum with this simple question. Basically, I accidentillty hit the close button on the side pane and it totally disappeard. I then went to "view" and clicked on side

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    Hi, I have a Lenovo IdeaCentre K320 desktop with Natty Narwhal Ubuntu installed on it, and every time I have the monitor sleep and come back to it after a while, the entire UI (besides the mouse) would completely freeze. I disabled the screen saver t