Issue while instrumenting exe : Failed to execute: ld -b64

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Hi, I am receiving the following error msg while instrumenting the exe,

Purify engine: Error: Failed to execute: ld -b64 -bM:SRE -bnoentry -bE:/usr/lib/
p -bI:/usr/lib/syscalls.imp -bI:/opt/purify06/rational7/releases/purify.aix.
64/librtlib_helper_libc.imp -bE:/opt/purify06/rational7/releases/purify.aix.
64/librtlib_helper_libc.exp /opt/purify06/rational7/releases/purify.aix.
ix_local_wrappers.o -o /data/F102PAY_PROD/cache/SPEAIXP5LP11/librtlib_syscall_local_64.o -
bstatic -lc -lcrypt
To find the exact cause, please run following command: ld -b64 -bM:SRE -bnoentry -bE:/usr/l
ib/syscalls.imp -bI:/usr/lib/syscalls.imp -bI:/opt/purify06/rational7/releases/purify.aix.7
.0.0.0-010/lib64/librtlib_helper_libc.imp -bE:/opt/purify06/rational7/releases/purify.aix.7
.0.0.0-010/lib64/librtlib_helper_libc.exp /opt/purify06/rational7/releases/purify.aix.7.0.0
.0-010/lib64/aix_local_wrappers.o -o /data/F102PAY_PROD/cache/SPEAIXP5LP11/librtlib_syscal
l_local_64.o -bstatic -lc -lcrypt
After rectifying the problem, please run Purify again.

I tried running the command suggested in error as follows

ld -b64 -bM:SRE -bnoentry -bE:/usr/lib/syscalls.imp -bI:/usr/lib/syscalls.imp -bI:/opt/purify06/rational7/releases/purify.aix. -bE:/opt/purify06/rational7/releases/purify.aix. /opt/purify06/rational7/releases/purify.aix. -o /data/F102PAY_PROD/cache/SPEAIXP5LP11/librtlib_syscall_local_64.o -bstatic -lc -lcrypt

but had the following error msg,

Purify or PureCoverage engine: Error: No instrumentation specified; must specify -purify or

Please help...

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