Is this kid the ultimate Microsoft ubergeek?

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I have written before about child geeks, such as M. Lavinashree from Pakistan who passed her Microsoft Certified Professional exam at the age nine. At the time of writing she was busy studying for the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer exams. However, I think I may have stumbled on an even bigger, or should that be smaller, child ubergeek.

Marko Calasan, from Macedonia, is also just nine years old and also pretty keen on Microsoft certifications. So keen, in fact, that he already has four of the things! According to an interview published at Network World young Marko is studying for a Microsoft Certified Trainer certification now.

He appears to have started off by installing and customising Windows when he was just three years old, and by the age of seven had got his MCP certification followed by a MCDST, MCSA and MCSE.

Not only am I sitting here feeling old, but I feel just a little bit inadequate as well...

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