inheritance (please help)

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please help. could someone tell me why when i run my code (below) it skips cin.getline for the instructor name? but when i place the Regular one outside the for loop it works fine.

class Instructor
char name[25];
char date_hired[15];
double salary_rate;
double hours;
void display();
Instructor::Instructor(){ }
void Instructor::display()
cout<<"Regular Instructor Info"<<endl;
cout<<"Name: "<<name<<endl;
cout<<"Date of Hire: "<<date_hired<<endl;
cout<<"Salary_rate: "<<salary_rate<<endl;
cout<<"Hours worked: "<<hours<<endl;
class Regular : public Instructor
Regular::Regular() : Instructor()
hours = 15;
cout<<"Enter instructor name, followed by return: ";
cout<<"Enter instructor date of hire, followed by return: ";
cout<<"Enter Regular Instructor salary_rate, followed by return: ";
void main()
Instructor *ptr;
ptr = new Instructor[3];

for (int i=0;i<3;i++)
int x=0;
cout<<"- select a type of instructor -"<<endl<<endl;
cout<<"1. REGULAR INSTRUCTOR "<<endl;

cout<<"please type in your selection (1-3): ";

Regular one;
ptr[i] = one;

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