If Ubuntu is a problem how the hell do people install window?

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A bit of a different story...

I am using Ubuntu for a while now. I really love it. Last week I decided to install XP next to Ubuntu to be able to play fallout3. Let the horrors start...

I cleared a partition for windows

Booting from XP CD. It didn't recognize my SATA hard disk. Had to search the driver on the internet, inject them into a XP CD image using 3th party tool, and create a new CD. Impossible for newbie...but let's go on...

First I tried to install it next to my existing Ubuntu. This doesn't work, XP messed up the Linux drive. It's not only the boot loader. Got so fed up that i decided to reinstall both XP and Ubuntu.

Ok, I got windows installed! Initially video, network and sound are not working. This is a bit of a problem as i don't have a network driver somewhere... I really thought a network driver would be included for a standard 3com card. Anyway used my girlfriends laptop to download the driver and installed it. Nvidia video card driver was easy. Sound card driver took a bit of searching on the internet. Although it was 180 MB package(!!!) with a lot of extra junk.

As i don't really like it when my printer is turned on and windows keeps trying to explain me it is broken because it couldn't find drivers, i decided to install this one as well. This is a HP Photosmart C4280. This driver again too large, 40 MB! In the end I got it working. Although using this horrible software to print/scan something is a pain.
BTW it seems the actual scanning is twice as fast in Ubuntu then in windows using the manufacture drivers.

For fun I also wanted to test my USB WIFI connection. Downloaded the drivers and it simply does NOT work. Even with the original driver I can't seem to get it working. It auto disconnects every time! I gave up!

Next thing Ubuntu. Installing is easy, next, next, next. And it is done.

Sound, network, printer and video work out of the box. get a message that there is a proprietary driver for my Nvidia, I accept.

WIFI doesn't work out of the box after a bit of searching on the internet I got it working.

Installing windows took me almost a day, Ubuntu an hour.

I am 100% sure that if people spent the same time on Ubuntu as on Windows they will love Ubuntu more. Tried to learn my girlfriend using Ubuntu, she actually likes it. I remember a friend of her coming over asking 'What a strange windows is this' she said 'No it's Linux, just like windows but a bit easier'. I really liked that :-)

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