I/O, strings and arrays combined

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guys and girls

I am currently new to C++ but I can say I was having fun learning it as a corresponding uni student in Australia until this assignment came across :(. There is a text file that contains in each line a city name (Sydney) and a distance ( 10 ) . In that file there are up no more than 100 cities. I need to read the text (ifstream inStream which i have done) and store the city names in one array and distance in another(IMPOSSIBLE for me ). We know that city name starts from 1-16 characters and 16 '' (eol) is the distance. Then the program will display the city array on cout.


Towns Available:
"Mount Thorley"
"Paynes Crossing"
"Wisemans Ferry"

Once all the cities have been displayed, cout to enter a starting point(city) and then to enter a destination. Here is a screen dump

Enter your starting point or 'exit' to stop: Singleton

Enter your destination or 'exit' to stop: Paynes Crossing

To get from "Singleton" to "Paynes Crossing":
1. Singleton 0.00 km
2. Mount Thorley 10.69 km
3. Paynes Crossing 44.23 km

example of test.txt file

Armidale 0
Tamworth 110.84
Murrurundi 201.40
Muswellbrook 266.77
Singleton 315.81
Mount Thorley 326.50
Paynes Crossing 360.04
Wollombi 368.94
Wisemans Ferry 450.15
Sydney 521.69

I dont care about my assignment marks (it dues tomorrow) but because i am a corresponding student I dont have anybody to ask all the questions so i will continue my course with gaps in parts of C++ which i dont want.

Sorry for the long thread but i need to explain this as much as possible. I have managed to read the file (ifstream) and by using istringstream to read the cities but cant store them in arrays.

Any help will be appreciated.

I can attach my code if required.

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