Hotmail with Evolution

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Hi, does anybody know how to configure a hotmail account on evolution mail?

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    Hi, does anybody know how to configure a hotmail account on evolution mail?

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    I am using hotmail as my main email and want to setup the evolution as my default email client.but for some reason it couldnt download my folders which are on the only downloads the mail from the there any workaround for this.also

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    I 've got an hotmail (live-mail) account, that I'm using on my iPod with Microsoft Exchange. This is really working fine, so I was very happy when I read, that you can use this feature with Evolution Mail. Now my Problem is, that the Settings I use o

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    so i got this email from msft Dear Microsoft Outlook Express customer, Thank you for using Microsoft® Outlook® Express. Our information indicates that you use Outlook Express to access a Windows Live™ Hotmail® e-mail account via a protocol called DAV

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    We use to have to trick Hotmail to get it to send to a pop3 account, but recently M****soft decided to make pop3 available FOC from Hotmail. This means no more of the "hotway hotsmtp" stuff. For most of us, setting your account up like this is all yo

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    I asked this one on LQ, but without response. Maybe you can help. I manage a gmail and 2 hotmail accounts with evolution. Gmail setup was fast, and helped immensely with the hotmail side (tyvm Indra!).

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    I have made Hotmail work on Evolution and would like to do it again. I remember when I did it it was very unstable and didn't work all the time. Is there a way to get Hotmail to worked perfectly with Evolution so I can receive and send email with my

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    I'm brand new to Linux, using fedora 3, and I find I can receive e-mail with Evolution, but when I try to send, I get a message saying "relaying not allowed," preceeded by "RCTP" and the address I was sending to. Does that seem normal?

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    I've been having problems with Evolution for the last couple of weeks. Since I started using the program it doesn't ever notify me when I get new mail. I have to launch the program and wait for it to fetch my mail, and sometimes it doesn't do it afte

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    Eastern Kentucky University Email setup with Evolution 2.30.3 on Ubuntu or Linux Mint 10.10. For POP & SMTP - fully functional. Go to: Click on "Configure Your Mobile Device." With your regular EKU username and password "R

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    Perhaps no big deal to some, but it's been a tortuous road here. FWIW what worked for me was to follow the instructions set out here: Note: 1. that 'librra0-tools' is replaced by 'librra