dcmtl install cmd leads to: OracleAS Repository Error

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Does anyone know what is the in the "ias.properties" file? My not having such a file is at the crux of my not getting HTML db to run (see below).

Suggestions? I'm going download some OAS tools and try that... as soon as that section of technet is running again.

Googling and other searches on OIDhost and ias.props didn't yield much.



$ dcmctl updateConfig -ct ohs
An exception occurred while constructing the OracleAS Repository API, a DCM dependent component.
This exception may be occurring because the ias.properties file is misconfigured.
Check the exception thrown by the OracleAS Repository API for any additional resolution information.
Base Exception:
iAS Property could not be found Property Name OIDhost in /home/oracle/oracle/product/10.2.0/htmldb/config/ias.properties
oracle.ias.repository.schema.SchemaException: iAS Property could not be found Property Name OIDhost in /home/oracle/oracle/product/10.2.0/htmldb/config/ias.properties
at oracle.ias.repository.local.IASPropertyCache.readValue(IASPropertyCache.java:62)
at oracle.ias.repository.IASSchema.init(IASSchema.java:234)
at oracle.ias.repository.IASSchema.<init>(IASSchema.java:200)
at oracle.ias.repository.SchemaManager.<init>(SchemaManager.java:145)
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.persistence.SeedDbAccess.<init>(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.persistence.SeedDbAccess.getDbAccess(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.persistence.SeedDbAccess.getDbAccess(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.clustermanagement.ComponentTypeFactory.init(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.task.InstanceManager.sysInit(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.task.InstanceManager.init(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.cmdline.DcmCmdLine.checkInit(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.cmdline.DcmCmdLine.execute(Unknown Source)
at oracle.ias.sysmgmt.cmdline.DcmCmdLine.main(Unknown Source)

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