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I am trying to filter a form using a combo box

What i have is a form to display mp3 files on a server and i want to have about 10 combo boxes to filter the results, the combo boxes are named selected_type_1 through to selected_type_10 we have a table called mp3s that has 10 fields for the filter to be associated with so we have a mp3 with 10 words that relate to it i want to be able to select a word in the first list and filter the results if the word is listed in any of the 10 fields in the table....

If it would be possible i was thinking of replacing the combo boxes with a list box and being able select various words and searching all the feilds for each of these words

i have tried with some of the examples on the forum but not having much luck as i am new to access..

I have attached a copy of the file if it helps

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