Visual C++

  • Owner Draw Buttons (not really a bug)

    I was reading the functions on Chris M code for owner draw flat style buttons and noticed that trackmouseevent was used. When i looked up this function in the sdk i was disappointed to find out it is windows nt only. is there a function that is simil

    August 5

  • mschart active X in VC6.0

    Does any one know how to using mschart in a window in VC++6.0, I need to plot chart on my application. I need it very much. Source code are welcome; E-mail are welcome fei-hong [email protected] or [email protected]

    July 16

  • Launching DOS Applications

    How do I redirect output from a dos program. Example. main() { printf("TEXT\n"); } Normally this will launch a DOS shell and print it to the stdio. I want to redirect the output from the PRINTF statement to an edit control of a dialog box. TIA ô

    July 15

  • 3DStudio Max files

    I know this question does not really belong to that page but I try it: I´ve made some kind of a 3D engine with OpenGL support. Now I don´t want to create any object by hand-typing but I want to make them with 3D Studio Max. The problem is if there is

    July 15

  • Winsock and MFC? vs CORBA and MFC?

    A friend and I are developing a ICQ type program for our capstone in college. We have the skeleton app pretty much complete. We have all of our database designs and pretty musth the entire system designed. We need to start implementing our network si

    July 14

  • Direct X & MFC

    I have been using DirectX in fullscreen mode in an MFC project created simply by the MS MFC Wizard (Dialog App). The following problem has been encountered while running the program on Windows 95 (It runs perfectly fine on WinNT and Win98): After cha

    July 14

  • Shared Memory - URGENT !!

    How do I write an Array of structures into a Shared Memory ? A Single structure works fine Anand M.Anand Development - Lead , Satyam Infoway Limited, Chennai - 600034 India

    July 13

  • OwnerDraw Combo - Redrawing of previous selection

    I'm doing a ComboBox where I can make all items appear in different colors. I modified DrawItem() using code from ListCtrl examples. It works well but for the redrawing. Once I make a new selection, the previous one does not get redrawn (the highligh

    July 13

  • vc 5 & vc 6

    can anybody suggest me some links regarding the differences of vc 5 and vc 6 versions. What are the things to be taken care while switching our project from vc 5 to vc 6.

    July 12

  • Register an ActiveX Control as Viewer for a MIME Type

    i have written an ActiveX Control which displays compressed images. In order to use this control as a viewer for this kind of images (in IE for example) i have create and register a MIME type "image/ABC". On my HTML page i want to use the EMBED

    July 12

  • Control over another application

    I have this simple dialog based application that contains a list box and an OK button. I am lauching this application from a MDI application and want to be able to select (highlight) an item in the list and then click the OK button from the applicati

    July 12

  • How do I make executables that extract files...

    Hi, I'm sort of new to VC++ and I've got a question concerning programs that can extract files, sort of like an installation or setup program. I want to be able to make a program that extracts files like setup programs do. I don't really know anythin

    July 11

  • I want to launch Netscape in my app how to get its path

    I want to launch Netscape in my app how to get its path

    July 11

  • Urgent:How to Convering SDK application in MFC dll.

    Hi I have one complete SDK SDI application(with Dialog Box,MENUS).I want to convert this application in DLL.Is is possible to convert this application into DLL directly. If not what I have to do for this. Please reply as early as possible

    July 10

  • Sending a message with PostMessage to a child window

    I am writing a program that will send information to a program (I only have the EXE file for it so I can't alter its source code). However, I need to send a message to one of the child windows in that program, not the actual program. Any help would b

    July 10

  • Controlling cursor in edit control

    I am trying to implement a calculator in an edit control. When I press a number followed by + (or the like), I want the '+' sign to automatically shift to the new line and then I can put new numbers for further calculations. Here the problem is the '

    July 9

  • About CHART...

    Recently I get Chart component(First Impression v.6 ActiveX) from TIDESTONE. But it help is obsolette and composed for Visual Basic. Could you send me some example with implimentation View for Chart in VC++. ---- With best

    July 9

  • Converting unsigned char[ ] to const char *

    I was just wondering how to convert a character array to a constant character pointer. Specifically I am using a filename stored in a character array and I get the error that I cannot convert the char [ ] to const char * when I use fopen("name of cha

    July 9

  • Getting text datatype from SQL Server with MFC ODBC library

    I'm using Visual C++ 5.0. I wrote a program which should get a text field from a SQL Server 7.0 database table. However upon execution of CRecordset::Open() I get an exception. I use MFC, but I traced down the MFC code up to SQLExtendedFetch() which

    July 8

  • Tool tips for controls in Customized CFileDialog?

    How do you get tool tips to display for the controls one adds to CFileDialog customized dialogs?

    July 8

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