Can't "clean up" macro recorder Access query

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Trying to clean up an Excel macro that querys an Access db. There is an extra comma I don't understand. The recored macro works fine. I want to clean it up because the macro will be modified to loop through various querys.

I was able to clean it up to this point:

"AND (`Daily Production Counts`.intShi", "ft=1) " & _
"AND (`Daily Production Counts`.PartNumber In ('52101-02020','52159-02270'))")

It works with the comma in the middle of the field name and the recored macro put the comma in the field.

but when I try and clean it up to this, the macro fails:

"AND (`Daily Production Counts`.intShift=1) " & _
"AND (`Daily Production Counts`.PartNumber In ('52101-02020','52159-02270'))")

The orginal macro had .intShift=1 spread across two rows. I guess I don't understand VBA rules for putting a field name across two lines.

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