Can't add or change a record coz ...etc (error message)

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Problem summary:
I get this err message when I try to add a new record into a form\subform:

((Can't add or change a record because a recordset is required in table stock))


My database is made up of 3 tables

stock (*stockID, name, qty, etc) ---> stockID is autonumber
customer(*customerID, name, etc) --> customerID is autonumber
invoice (*invoiceID, stockID, customerID, etc) --> invoiceID is autonumber, stockID & customerID is a number (not autonumber)

I made a query (qryinvoice) that has all Invoice fields + other related fields in customer&stock tables

When I enter data into the query it accepts all input without any problems

I made a form with subform, the form is based on the query (qryinvoice), I made the childform linked 2 the master form using the InvoiceID field, that is Master field & Child field is InvoiceID

When I run the form, it shows the previously entered records fine, but when i try to enter new data, it works fine in the master form but once I try to go to the child form this error message pops up by the 'office assistant' which says:

Can't add or change a record because a recordset is required in table 'stock'.

BTW: the InvoiceID in the child form shows as an Autonumber this the problem? or what?

Note: The autonumber of the invoiceID in the master form is generated perfectly, but I don't see it in the Child form when T try to go there.

Any help is highly appreciated.

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