Can't access router - no longer at the ip it was set to

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This isn't strictly a suse problem but I've failed to find a solution elsewhere and Suse is the os I'm running, so I'm hoping someone can help

I've had to 'daisy-chain' two routers, the main router connected to the phone line I set to and the second to, the second router is connected to the first via an rj45 cable to an ethernet port on each router

All the computers are connected to the net just fine, samba, internal dns etc all working ok

The problem I have is that the second router no longer appears to be at, nor have I been able to find what ip it is at ... and I've tried many!

I could reset it to default and set everything back up again, but that would be pointless if the same thing just happened again, the ideal thing would be to find the ip it is at if it has in fact changed (or wy I can't access the router's config via that ip if it hasn't)

The default ip for that router is and I've tried every ip from up to as well as a load on the range

Does anyone know of any way I can determine what ip it's using, or even just list all the ip addresses on the lan soo I could narrow it down that way?

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