AUDIO CAPTURE PROBLEM ON ARM PB926EJ-s board, Audio couldn't capture on the ARM Board

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Iam unable to capture any audio using my versatile PB926
board running on linux 2.6.21 kernel.The playback function
is working correctly.Though i have verified that the
capture feature has been supported in the AACI driver
aaci.c, iam unable to get any sound recorded using the
microphone. iam able to record and playback sound using a
simple non-os based driver i had written. so there is no
hardware related problems.

i have set the values of line, mic, vol using setmixer. All
have been set to high.

Also, when do a cat /dev/dsp >/var/tmp.wav, the aaci.c
driver calls the aaci_pcm_capture_start() and
aaci_pcm_capture_stop() functions.

#cat /proc/asound/devices
0: [0] :control
16: [0-0]:digital audio playback
24: [0-0]:digital audio capture
33: timer

would appretiate any help in this regard

Fazlur Rahaman Naik,

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