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Hope, it's the right place to ask, so here it is:
I have some HUGE PDF files (and I really mean HUGE - some are about 17MB - imagine putting it on the web for downloads). I was told that to compress them here's what I need to do:
"I take the original brochure artwork (ours are done on quark) and export the
pages as eps files.You then drag the eps files onto the distiller icon to
convert to pdf files. Distiller gives you several options to convert your
Screen optimized
Print optimized
Press optimized.
If the files are just for viewing on screen use the screen optimized
settings , this gives you a very small file size.
Print optimized is slightly better and a bigger file size.
Press optimized is for artwork use resulting in very large file sizes."
ok. that is quite clear and easy to follow. the ? is: why after the process do the colors change??? For, example, red becomes almost pink and a bright blue becomes a very light blue of a different shade. I tried to play with the settings, but nothing worked. I use Acrobat 4 on a MAC.
Any ideas?

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